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Homelessness In Youth
February 6th, 2023
by Isabelle Castaneda The youth of this generation are constantly faced with struggle after struggle. Coming of age, fighting new emotions, figuring out self sustainability. Imagine dealing with all ...  Read More
Sex Trafficking and What It Looks Like Today
January 12th, 2023
by Isabelle Castaneda  Sex trafficking has been a problem all around the world for centuries, and it has been heavily rooted into history. In America it began during the first Transatlantic Slave Tra...  Read More
What Covid-19 Has Done To The Futures Of Students Everywhere
October 12th, 2022
by Isabelle Castaneda Some people have yet to understand just how damaging Covid-19 was to students' futures, and what long lasting issues they will be faced with in their forthcoming school years or ...  Read More
Jaden and Kiana: Learning Confidence and Accountability
June 29th, 2022
Recently, on R3 Student Outreach’s YouTube channel, we got to hear from Kiana Napoles and Jaden Holmes, who are recent graduates of R3’s Employment Mentorship program! They talked about a few differen...  Read More
Challenges That Youth Face in 2022
June 20th, 2022
Teens always face many issues. Whether it's having trouble making friends, or getting picked on by a bully at school, the youth in every generation experience troubles during their adolescence. Only t...  Read More
My R3 Story: Felix Rangel
June 9th, 2022
My name is Felix Rangel. I'm an R3 student, and this is my story. I first heard of R3 from my mom's cousin. She was actually an employee for R3, and she talked really highly of the program. She got my...  Read More
Why Youth Mental Health First Aid?
June 2nd, 2022
So, why YMHFA? Day to day there are many youth that experience various mental health crises as school, at home or even around friends. The problem is that while we have begun to do a good work to redu...  Read More