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Challenges That Youth Face in 2022

by Nic Needham 
Today, we’ll explore some of the challenges that youth face in the year 2022!

Teens and young adults daily face many obstacles and hardships. Whether it's having trouble making friends, or getting picked on by a bully at school,  youth in every generation experience troubles during their adolescence. Unfortunately, common issues evolve with the times and youth today tend to deal with these issues in new ways! For instance, before the age of social media bullying would end at the end of a school day but now it doesn't. Cyberbullying is prevalent now more than ever since we live in the digital age.

Also, some problems may not even be related to bullying. There are issues having to deal with navigating everyday life in our modern world that have changed so much from the problems of those growing up in previous decades. For example, information spreads at a significantly faster rate than before and most people are faced with societal pressures that are unique to this time period.
Social Media 
Youth are exposed to loads of information quickly via social media. Social media is still new and evolving, but oftentimes, teens are apt to compare themselves to the way other people portray themselves online, leading many mental health experts to believe that social media is a main source of anxiety and depression. When teens are constantly believing that they must be like others to fit in or be accepted by others, the amount of anxiety they experience on an everyday basis will drastically increase!

Time Management
With everything moving so quickly, it’s easy for youth to have difficulty with time management when it comes to school and work. Sometimes, young adults are pressured into taking on too much - school, multiple extracurricular activities, homework, a part time job, volunteering, college or work readiness courses; the list goes on!


Lastly, as was mentioned earlier, bullying can be a major issue in youth’s lives, because not only does bullying take place on campus, but it can also take place on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, or any other social site that’s popular! Being exposed to these new forms of harassment while growing up is a huge burden for our youth to have to face.

These are a few struggles that are unique to youth and young adults growing up in 2022. When talking with the youth in our lives, we must always remember to be empathetic and show them true concern for the issues they face, because some of these are obstacles that older generations have not had to face. As parents, coaches, teachers, and adults in their lives, we can make a huge change by being there to listen and to make sure they don’t have to solve these problems alone.

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