R3 Student Outreach is a 501c(3) non-profit charitable organization.

Stipend At A Glance

Stipend Amount: $13.00 per hour
Time Commitment: 30 hours per week
Duration: 12 Weeks
San Antonio Resident

Join our 12 week PAID Youth Workforce Development training that gives you the opportunity to restart and reconnect through mentorship and workforce development. Be equipped through work experience, professional training and gain renewed determination!

Applications are now closed for Cohort #4
Check back soon for details for Cohort #5 beginning April 2023
For more information: juan@r3student.com

What is the R3Start Program? 

Opportunity youth aged 18-24 will take part in a twelve week pathway driven professional development program that will equip them with workplace and  interpersonal skills to successfully secure employment.

Restart includes one-on-one mentorship, work experience opportunity, incentive resources and professional development training.

Intern Benefits & Intern Supports

Intern Responsibilities

• Be willing, prompt and punctual..
• Communicate any barriers or obstacles that may affect your program participation.
• Maintain time sheets.
• Communicate regularly with your mentor.
• Communicate regularly with your employer.
• Attend a one hour zoom session with your assigned
   mentor per week.
• Complete all surveys from trainers and mentors.

Employer Intern/Matching Process 

Once interns are accepted into the program, staff reviews the interns’ resumes and application essay to identify their career goals. Program staff then reviews employer job descriptions and matches students to the opportunity that best aligns with the interns’ goals. Employers will then receive the intern resume for review.  Mentors will then notify interns once they have been accepted by an employer. Employers then discuss job location, travel requirements, program start date, and any additional screenings required by the employer organization. 
Program Liaison:
Juan Ramos, R3 Student Outreach
Cell: ‭(210) 702-0978‬