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My R3 Story: Felix Rangel

My name is Felix Rangel. I'm an R3 student, and this is my story. I first heard of R3 from my mom's cousin. She was actually an employee for R3, and she talked really highly of the program. She got my mom super excited for the opportunity and so my mom really pushed me to come to R3 since I didn't have anything going on for myself at the time. So I went through the application process. I applied and I didn't expect too much from it and then next thing I knew I was having an interview at R3 meeting with Juan, Angela, and Maria.

To my surprise I got accepted into the R3 Student Outreach employment mentorship program that same day. Whenever I got accepted into the program I got kind of excited, but also more nervous than excited because ever since I had dropped out of high school after sophomore year I had really not done anything. I had been just really isolated at home really even before COVID, and then during COVID, that made it worse because I could go out even less because of the COVID restrictions. I was just in a very isolated mindset and so I was really nervous because I knew I had to be around people who were complete strangers to me and so it was definitely a big step. It was mainly because of my mom, who pushed me really heavily to go into the program and  that's the whole reason I went also because I knew it would be something good for me and it was going to be a great opportunity and I am very grateful for being accepted.

During the program it was definitely a different experience that I had not experienced for a long time for maybe two years. During the program we had a class it was me and five other students, and I was there with them every single day talking to them. They were great people, and it really helped me communicate with people because really up until that point I only communicated with my family, and I felt as though it really helped me lay the foundation to becoming a functioning person in society and Becoming an adult. I got a lot of career read skills, like operating Microsoft applications, Google applications, and just being a responsible adult. They helped teach us finances, gave us several opportunities for our financial future. Overall a big part of the program, other than just career readiness, was mentorship with Juan and Angela and it really wasn't what I was expecting.

I was just expecting coaching, but really what it was it was a mentorship it was from someone who you feel actually cares about you and wants what's best for you, and they don't have any ulterior motive. It just felt like a comfortable environment even with me  being a very antisocial person, it felt like a natural transition into a comfortable environment for me. After graduating, the employee mentorship program now I am actually employed and I feel a lot more confident now than I did before because now I can actually take on responsibilities that are given to me at work and I have skills now that I Didn't have before or I didn't realize I had before because I never had a reason to use them or any way to find out that actually had those skills until I came to R3 and they showed me I had those skills. They helped me just start learning how to use my skills and utilize them in my career.

Now because of R3 also I've been inspired to not only continue working and working for myself and creating a future but also going through a certification program for cybersecurity so I can set myself up for a really good career in the future. That's really important to me and I didn't realize how important that was for me until I actually came to the employee membership program at R3 because before it was like everything that I only needed was inside my house and now it's like I'm realizing how big the world is again and I'm seeing how many possibilities are out there for me. I was never going to find those opportunities just staying at home and so R3 really gave me that push to open all these doors for myself now.

Now it seems like I have more opportunities than I can count when before I really had none and so now it feels like the future is very bright and I'm extremely grateful for R3 helping me realize that I had that within myself. I would have never figured it out on my own or it would have taken me years that I can never get back. Thank you R3 for believing in me even when I didn't believe in myself. Now I believe in myself and anything seems possible.

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