R3 Student Outreach and Williams Family Initiative has been committed to serving the needs of our community. This CANNOT be done alone. We are looking for committed and willing individuals to help us continue to make an impact.
Read the following descriptions to see where you might fit best within our team!
One of the biggest services we offer is FREE tutoring for middle & high school students as well as those pursuing a GED. We also thrive in our mentorship to youth and young adults- meeting them wherever they are in their journey and encouraging them to accomplish everything they set their minds to!

Social Media Interns: 
Because of our many programs, there is a huge need in letting our San Antonio community know everything we are doing and presenting resources and opportunities to those in need. Have no previous knowledge of marketing or social media management? NO problem. We will educate you in everything you need to successfully accomplish each task. All we need are willing and dedicated individuals!  

General Volunteer: 
R3 and our programs are consistently looking for any way to serve our city and as a result we always need extra hands on deck to expand our reach!