R3 Student Outreach is a 501c(3) non-profit charitable organization.

Gain in-demand job skills.

Flexible, self-paced online training programs designed to put you on the fast track to jobs in high-growth fields. No experience necessary.

Overall Program Requirements

While this program does not have any strenuous qualification requirements  participants must attend a information session prior to being accepted.  In order to be accepted and maintain a 
Google Certificate scholarship students MUST:
- Be a high school junior or up to the age of 24. 
- Have a high school diploma, or currently be enrolled in school.  
- Remain WEEKLY ACTIVE in course participation. This includes following the assigned outline curriculum as much as possible.
- Be in weekly to monthly contact with program staff.
- Attend all required workshops and one-on-one sessions as assigned.

Build your own story, start here

No cost, through Google Scholarships. 

Scholarships for the new Google Career Certificates are now available, and R3 Student Outreach is excited to help bring these scholarships to our community.  Apply today for a scholarship through your Google Certification application above. 
Scholarships are awarded on a as needed basis, and based upon availability. Scholarships are awarded through application essay/paragraph scoring.